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Force Majeure Assessments Kit for Corporations and SMEs’ (the “Test Kit”)

Author: Bezaliel Basuki Erlan, Wed, Apr 15th 2020, 17:18

Dear Business Owners, Members of Senior Management of Corporations, and Legal Counsels,

Due to popular demands, in addition to my letter of 7 April 2020 please find attached regarding the subject mentioned matter. I do hope that the Test Kit would be able to fully function as a guidance to at least determine whether the elements of Force Majeure are satisfied. The ability to determine is in my view holds ultimate importance as such ability serves as a benchmark to move forward whether the suspension of performance under an agreement is legitimate or whether the parties in the agreement must move on to unwind the arrangement by way of agreeing on the termination terms as provided in the agreement.

Furthermore, the Test Kit is merely a guidance and therefore please do modify as you see fit and please, do let me know if you have questions.

In case you have not viewed and are interested to view details of my letter of 7 April 2020 feel free to read the content at the following links:

or at for-banks-and-multi-

Stay joyful, resourceful, healthy, and safe! This too shall pass!


Warm regards,

Bezaliel Erlan


Armila & Rako Law Office


Please click the link to download the matrix :