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Cardinal Rules of Reopening Business

Author: Bezaliel Basuki Erlan, Fri, May 29th 2020, 19:08

Are You Ready to Re-Open for Businesses This Time Around?

First and foremost, we support our government various initiatives by having regulations and policies in place to emphasize the importance of (1) health and safety and (2) causing the wheels of economy to move faster after slowing to a halt in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to put it simply that the two points are inevitably by fact and logic are dependent to each other. In this troubling era, one unable to exist without the other.

This time, the Ministry of Health has enacted a Decree of Minister of Health No.HK.01.07/MENKES/328/2020 regarding Guidance on Prevention and Control of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) at the Offices and Industry Places of Business In Supporting Business Continuity In The Pandemic Situation (“MOH-328”). We are confident to say that MOH-328 is one of the landmarks regulatory products serves as a gateway to allow businesses to re-open despite the pandemic. At the same time MOH-328 mitigates the risk of increasing transmission of the COVID-19 as the ultimate problem. We are aware that one could challenge the success of the MOH-328 implementation in the society with various arguments. Well, the success of a regulatory implementation would depend on us, the society being regulated for our benefit. For example, we are seeing more and more people voluntarily wearing masks. They are following the regulation and fully aware that properly wearing masks would decrease the transmission risk of the COVID-19. After all,

we are intelligent, resilient and adaptable beings. We are always in the business of survival to ensure the continuity of our species existence, including falling in line and comply.

We do realize, from our wealth of experience, understanding any laws and regulations could be a challenge of its own, let alone implementing the same. Seeing the importance of the MOH-328, as our effort to contribute, the next pages should reflect various charts to ease the understanding of re- opening businesses for business owners, senior management members, human resources personnel, and employees in compliance to various critical and practical stipulations of MOH-328 starting from:

1.   The cardinal rules of re-opening office premises and industrial complex (the Dos and Do Nots);

2.   levels definitions of COVID-19 related exposures;

3.   course of actions on levels of COVID-19 exposures to employees;

4.   levels of COVID-19 symptoms;

5.   Contact Tracing and follow up course of actions to the relevant employees; to

6.   office sanitation course of actions post employees exposure to COVID-19.

We hope after the said stakeholders' gain understanding on MOH-328, we all would be able to work hand in hand in preparing detailed internal policies and implement the same based on MOH-328, along with the relevant regulatory standard forms.

Feel free to contact should you wish to gain a detailed and in-depth understanding concerning MOH-328 and its implementation in addition to this material.

Until then, I, Bezaliel Erlan from the Partner’s desk is wishing you well, prosper, healthy and safe. Let us all be prepared to do some serious business from this point forward. Truly, there is no where but going up after this! Take care!

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